22 years old, Syria

“I left Syria in 2012 because of the war. My family moved to Jordan because it was more safe. In 2014, my father went to Germany and me, my two sisters and my mother stayed in Jordan. Jordan was not easy, I was working at night and studying during the day. We were also very sad when we heard news from our country. In 2019, my mother and my sisters managed to join my father in Germany. Since then, they have reunited. 

I stayed in Jordan alone and I worked as a cook. I was making pizzas and cookies. I stayed until last year, 2021. I love my family, I miss them so much so I decided to go to Lebanon and from Lebanon to Libya. After one week, I tried to cross the sea but we were intercepted by the Libyan police and I spent two months in prison. They took my phone and my passport and they asked me for 1,000 dollars to get free. Everything in Libya is about money. After the prison, I joined an uncle and I stayed with him for one year. My uncle, his family and I tried together to cross another time. We spent two hours in the sea but the weather conditions were too bad. The waves were about two meters. ‘I thought I would die’. 

I was making pizzas and cookies. I stayed until last year, 2021. I love my family, I miss them

After this experience, I decided I would stay in Libya. But my family and I really wanted to get reunited. I was so sad to be far from him. My uncle and his family decided to stay but I organized a third crossing with a few friends. This time, we spent 18 hours in the water. I was praying for a boat like the Geo Barents to save us. I am so happy to be here now.

When I arrive in Italy, I will call my father. He knows I am safe because he is following rescue boats on social media. After we arrive, I hope I will be able to take the bus or a car and go to Germany. My dream is to help people like me, who fled their countries because of war and who are trying to join their families. I would like to see Europe too, Rome, Paris and the mountains in Switzerland.”